Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Facebook killed the mommy blog-star...

Ok, so I am not a blog star, but Facebook has basically killed my blog. Lately, with all of the homeschooling, gardening, cleaning, mommying, and just plain living, I am having little time (or attention span) to construct any worthwhile posts. But on Facebook, I can type my ADHD thoughts as "status updates" and post pictures from my new handy dandy iphone in the blink of an eye.

What once would've become a blog post has now become Facebook vomit. I signed up for Twitter and then decided that Tweeting may just push my bird-brain past the point of no return, being that I tend to forget what I'm typing before I get out a complete thought.

The boys work on "Look at me" pages, which was my bright idea to help with them journaling since they have such difficulty with writing. So they glue pictures, color things, and I script for them. Eventually maybe I will go through them and post some pictures and maybe even write something. Maybe. Look forward to the arch, the riverfront, museums, swimming, paddle boating, fishing, cooking, learning, creek walking, park playing, food growing, habitat building, hiking, etc.