Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Slam Dunk

Check out Moosie's slam dunk. I caught this one before he tripped and busted his knees open [again]. How do you like his black "boops" [boots]? Oh, the person yelling is Daddy! Sorry about the cellphone video quality.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Old Friends, New Beginnings

My Mema (grandmother) announced to the family that she is getting married. I am so excited and happy for her! She deserves so much happiness and love. Did I mention that I am ecstatic?!?!


Er, I mean PUDDING!

Moosie decided he quite preferred sucking his pudding straight out of the cup rather than relying on the provided plastic red spoon.

And yes, he does have pudding up both of his nostrils. Inhaling the pudding became less attractive after it caused a vicious cycle of sneezes.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007


Bubba got off the bus and was excited that daddy was home to get him off of the bus. He frantically waved a large piece of construction paper as he ran toward daddy.

"I made this for you! I made this for you daddy!" Bubba screamed.

As daddy ooohed and aaahed over the paper, I--like usual--tried to make conversation.

"That's a wonderful zebra in a cage," I stated emphatically.

"No mom. It's just art!" he retorted.

I never seem to get it right.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The Cycle

What goes up, must come down. I mean 'out.'

We've entered "the cycle." No not cycle break, but something just as sinister. It's the "stuff the mouth, cough, choke, gag, and vomit extensively" cycle. Moosie had frequent chest infections when he was a baby, he also choked and gagged a lot, and he vomited a lot. Throw in the strange constipation (think no pooping for days and then shooting linked sausages out!) and the hives from an unknown egg allergy, and you had what amounted to failure to thrive.

Once I quit working and Moose no longer went to daycare, illnesses started to decrease, weight began to slowly accumulate (on both of us). Prior, we didn't realize there was a cycle. It was all so mushed and squished together, we couldn't separate the symptoms from the cause.

In the past two or three weeks, partly in thanks to being back into a school-like setting, Moosie has had some type of lung irritation, then strep, and now a lung infection. For the past three weeks Moosie has been stuffing his mouth, coughing, then choking, then gagging, and then disposing of all previous nourishment. Before he stuffs his mouth we encourage small bites and to chew, but even so the food gets wadded up. Typically Moosie eventually chews and swallows all of the food. But when you throw a cough in there, well, that just messes everything up.

I have gotten really good at holding out my hands for Moosie to dislodge all of his food. I've also gotten pretty good at flipping him upside down and dislodging anything stuck in a spit second. And yes, I've also gotten pretty good at cleaning up raunchy vomit.

I'm not doing so well with Moosie losing weight. I don't like the cycle. Not at all.

Monday, May 7, 2007

Oh Damage!

Borrowing a phrase from Bubba: OH DAMAGE!!! This is Bubba's interpretation of OH DAMMIT! and it seems to be an appropriate phrase for the past two days.

Turns out there was a crack in the pipe leading to our kitchen sink.

The tiny fissure seems insignificant:

See the line in between the red dots?

The moderate damage not so much:

Top piece is the cabinetry and the bottom piece is the soaked and moldy subfloor.

The water traveled mysteriously across the floor joists (basement ceiling) to the half wall and then spread under the floor.

It travelled all the way to the drain at the other side of the basement, just like it is supposed to.

Unfortunately our laminate floor soaked up much of it like a sponge.

As Hubby said last night night..."just when we were saving money." Our basement has only been finished for a few years and water damage was our worst fear. Never occurred to us that the source would be something so small and inconspicuous.

Saturday, May 5, 2007


We went to an "all-inclusive" playground in our area. It is a wonderful playground with climbing structures, slides, swings, pieces that make music, a stage, spinning flower chairs, and so much more. It is obvious that much careful planning, effort, and money went into the design and construction of the playground.

There were a few incidents that reminded me that "all inclusive" is a tall order to fill.

Example 1:
Moosie loves to swing. He often requests to "eee AYE!" [swing high]. I was eyeing the "baby swings" curiously when another mom said, "They made them that high so that it won't be dangerous for little ones just in case they wander near the swings." After I shrugged she said, "It makes sense if you think about it."

Well I was thinking about it. In order to put my child in the swing, I had to hoist him way above my shoulders (I am just under 5 foot tall) and navigate his excited dancing legs into little leg holes (without getting kicked in the face). Not that this was a big deal really, but I imagine it would be difficult for a parent who uses a wheelchair to get their little one in the swing.

Example 2:
Most of the playground is enclosed by a fence. I was very excited by this because I have a wanderer and another one that idolizes and follows the wanderer wherever he may go. I also have friends who have runners.

I was disappointed that two of the playground structures exited outside of the fence perimeter. One cannot get to these exits unless one climbs through various mazes, ramps, and slides. I took a look and realized that a wheelchair ramp connected to this area to allow access to the higher areas of the structures for those wanting to get INTO the playground. I also noticed that, from my point of view, it allowed access to a drop off, creek, and pond (complete with an attractive fountain) to anyone wanting OUT of the playground. It was also impossible for a parent chasing a fleeing child to get to in a safe, quick manner.

A friend of mine made a comment to another parent about the openings. The parent looked uncomfortable and said, "That's the point of the whole playground." That mother just happened to be there with a beautiful chubby-cheeked boy using a walker/roller to get around. My friend mentioned that we had 'runners' and so we were nervous as we were constantly locating our boys to make sure they didn't flee, but the mother had already tuned out.

Situations like these challenge my views about "disability" everyday, whether it be inclusion, functioning, acceptance, or even what constitutes a disability. It really is defined within any given situation by the eye of the beholder. More for me to stew on, I guess.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Happy Early Mother's Day

It has been a big week in our household. Moosie has Strep, but that didn't stop him from making me smile.

Moosie has been becoming more vocal in the past month. Much more jabbering and a few new words including "book," "da da," and "up." His sign repertoire has passed up mine, so I am struggling to keep up. He's gesturing so much now and coming up with signs (like the sign for 'potato') that no one has seemed to teach him.

But best of all, as I'm sure you guessed from the title, is that Moosie can now say "mom." It wasn't something I was waiting or longing for, but now that it's happened, I think it's one of the sweetest sounds I've ever heard.

(Video from cellphone.)

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Who is Steve?

Bubba loves stuffed animals. He goes through his cycles where he plays "family" with his animals, gathering all of them up into his bed or on the couch. Big animals become the mommies and daddies, little ones become the babies.

Bubba is in such a phase right now and recently acquired a new beanie puppy tagged "Rowdy" thanks to the kindness (and idolization) of his brother Moose. This new puppy has been lovingly renamed.

"Mom, how 'bout his name is Steve Rowdy?" he beamed.

Every puppy he owns has the name it was given by the manufacturer prefaced by "Steve." So we have "Steve Sarge" the German Shepherd, "Steve Sneakers" the cute cream-colored dog with the brown ears, and "Steve Fudge" who, well, looks like fudge. There are more, but my memory can only handle a few puppies at a time.

I don't know who Steve is, but he made an impression on Bubba. Or at least his name did.