Monday, May 7, 2007

Oh Damage!

Borrowing a phrase from Bubba: OH DAMAGE!!! This is Bubba's interpretation of OH DAMMIT! and it seems to be an appropriate phrase for the past two days.

Turns out there was a crack in the pipe leading to our kitchen sink.

The tiny fissure seems insignificant:

See the line in between the red dots?

The moderate damage not so much:

Top piece is the cabinetry and the bottom piece is the soaked and moldy subfloor.

The water traveled mysteriously across the floor joists (basement ceiling) to the half wall and then spread under the floor.

It travelled all the way to the drain at the other side of the basement, just like it is supposed to.

Unfortunately our laminate floor soaked up much of it like a sponge.

As Hubby said last night night..."just when we were saving money." Our basement has only been finished for a few years and water damage was our worst fear. Never occurred to us that the source would be something so small and inconspicuous.

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Club 166 said...

Sorry to hear about the water damage. Totally understand the "just when we were starting to save money" thing.

Got our tax rebate a month ago. It will be eaten up by repairs to the outside of the house (insect damage to fascia and soffit, painting, etc.). Our house was built in 1880, so there's no end to things that need doing.