Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Botanical Gardens

Sorry there's no witty story to go along with this, but at least you know we are alive.

We went to the botanical gardens on Sunday, and it was a beautiful 6 hours flanked by one kid throwing up in the car and one realizing a little too late that he was passing more than gas. Ever ride home in a car in 90 degrees weather with puke and shit? I know some of my readers have!

Seriously, the gardens were beautiful, the kids' garden was Bubba's favorite place ever. Moosie never complained about all of the walking. There were only a few tense moments, like when Bubba and Moose were walking on the bridge with no rails in the Japanese garden or when Bubba nearly knocked his Aunt M into the lake (note to self, next time stay away from the Japanese gardens).

Oh, and apparently Bubba thinks anyone who speaks a different language is Spanish. He went up to an Asian man and asked if he was Spanish and the guy started laughing. Meanwhile Mooser picked up a burning cigarette butt from an outside ashtray, pointed to the sign we were standing by, and shoved the thing in my face saying "Sign say no DEEZ TINGS!!!" I totally didn't see that coming.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm glad you took the time to fill us in on this trip. What a day! You had me gasping, cringing and lauging. - Sister

Shephali said...

Great posts, Ange! Where did the time go? I remember these boys being wee ones and now look at them. Makes me heart so happy!

Miss you!

Shephali said...

Oh, I sounded like the leprachaun from Lucky Charms. I meant to say, "Makes MY heart so happy" not "ME heart"! Either way, you know what I meant :-).

Casdok said...

Your ride homme brought back some memories!!!

Glad you had a good day, botanical gardens are beautiful.

Anonymous said...

I went to the gardens with Phil and Helen in January and the lake in the Japanese Garden was mostly frozen. Phil bet me a dollar to walk from those walkways without railings to the shore over the ice, and sure enough I did.

I would be a terrible influence...