Tuesday, August 7, 2007


1) We are back in our house today. None of the structural repairs have been completed, but our home is mold-free for now (until Moosie gets home from school and hides various cups of juice throughout the house). Apparently the third time is a charm. 21 days. TWENTY-ONE days!

2) Unlike Hubby, I did not gain any of my weight back when living with the in-laws. I actually lost more weight. I've lost nearly 20 pounds, which is a big deal because that means I am half way to my goal and I am no longer clinically obese, just overweight.

3) We finally have Bubba's homework routine down. He struggles so much with reading, but I am so proud of how hard he is trying to push through it. Apparently the honeymoon period is already over at school, but we knew it was coming.

4) Moosie is so expressive now. He's missing many sounds from his repertoire, but that doesn't stop him from speaking in 3 word utterances or more. His confidence is overflowing.

5) We are all still happily hanging in there even though we have been put through the wringer lately with the house, children, health and employment issues. But that's life, right?

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mcewen said...

well they say that remodels are as stressing as moving house!
Glad you're all settled back in now.
Best wishes