Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Day 14: Yes we are still here

The mold test in our kitchen failed eventhough the numbers were greatly reduced, so we are still banished from our home as the restoration team continues to remove more drywall and use an "ecapsulate" or something like that. They retested yesterday and we should find out today if we can move back in.

Granted, if we are let back in we still won't have a functioning kitchen or basement, but I think all we want right now is our own space...our own beds!

Everyone is holding up, but we're all pretty tired. Of course we've been here for two weeks, which is long enough to develop new routines even if they are defunct. This means that the change in routine when we move back will again upset the apple cart so to speak.

It sounds like our house is covered in mold, but there were only a few small areas. Actually, I doubt that any house in our neighborhood would pass an air-quality mold inspection. But since our insurance will not pay for any structural repairs from the water leak until the air test is free and clear of mold, we are stuck in this situation. It's not a fun one to be in, let me tell you that.

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mcewen said...

Good grief! That on top of everything else! What a trooper you are!
Best wishes