Monday, July 9, 2007


Bubba and I could live in the pool. Hubby and Moosie not so much. When Hubby is at work and it's 90+ degrees, then you'll find me and Bubba happy at the pool and Moosie barely tolerating it by sitting poolside in the shade and every so often confirming his nonswimming status by saying and signing "Whaytt! Whaytt!" ["White! White!" meaning "I want to wear the white diaper. White diapers mean no swimming. Blue diapers mean you're going to torture me and put me in the water."]

Anyhow, I have been slowly acclimating Moosie to swimming...REALLY slowly. I started in June by just getting him to tolerate putting on the blue swim diaper. It is now July and I can get him to sit on the top step (1 inch of water) for about 10 minutes and hold onto my back and kick in the water for maybe 5 seconds.

When Hubby returned home from work, he asked Moosie what his favorite part of swimming was, to which Moosie exclaimed "OOWT!" [Out!"]

So Moosie's favorite part of swimming was getting out. Sigh. Next week it's supposed to be 100 degrees.

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