Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Day 1: Discombobulated

Moosie had two cavities filled. Daddy took part in comforting (restraining) him because I couldn't do it. I have enough of a dentist phobia as it is and according to Hubby, I wouldn't have survived what they did to my baby. The nitrous oxide had no effect on the poor guy. He never felt like laughing, that's for sure.

We are all moved out of our house and moved into my in-law's house. Somehow we forgot Moosie's shoes and Hubby's work shoes.

My children are still alive, but asleep. I'm pretty sure Pa Pa was ready to beat them both during dinner. I think Hubby got all of the spaghetti off of the walls. This situation doesn't help my anxiety one bit. I really get it...I really understand why placing my kids in a situation where there are different rules really stresses them out. (Edited to add, it's not the new rules that stress the boys out, it's the sudden change in our [their parents] expecatations and reactions.) Since we are living here for now I am all stressed out about the rules. These aren't my parents, so I don't know the "daily living" rules. What do I do with my meal scraps? They don't have a garbage disposal. Do I clean up right after dinner so that I don't look ungrateful? Normally I don't mess with the kitchen until the children are occupied...but here what do I occupy them with since I don't want to disturb Pa Pa's TV time? Can I take shower at night? Will it make too much noise? Is Bubba pissing off Pa Pa now? Or NOW? Or NOW!?!?! I can't help it. I can't let it go. So telling me to do so doesn't matter. I don't know what's worse--upsetting my own routine or worrying frantically about upsetting someone else's routine.

I completed 5 hours of work today, if you can call it that. Probably 5 more hours tomorrow squeezed somewhere in between getting Bubba on the bus, spinning class, getting my hair cut, and then getting both boys off the bus. Luckily Hubby is off of work so he will be taking Moosie to gymnastics and sending him off to his first day of school this year. He's even attending the requisite 45 minute parent session since I missed the meeting last night.

So I am drinking a rum and coke (Pa Pa's drink) that Hubby apparently made rather strong, and then I am going to take a shower. I already questioned Hubby on all of the possible issues of me taking a shower, and he assures me that the floor won't cave in, I won't use up too much hot water, and I won't wake anyone up. Whew.

And it all starts again bright and early tomorrow morning.

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