Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Not Banned Yet

I was brave and took both boys to a library "activity" by myself. I take them to all sorts of things "by myself," but I try to avoid places that demand quiet and composure--especially after 3 hours of swimming and all forms of medication, nutrition, and self-regulation have evaporated out of all of us.

According to the library flyer, we were in for a treat: storytelling and puppets. I didn't know what to expect from my boys, but we went because irregardless of my social phobias, it's good for us to visit with other crabby kids, good-doer parents, and puppets.

Bubba was enthralled. Yes, lots of laughing and clapping, chattering (he was only 'redirected' by the puppet once), and some head hitting (his own). All of this means he was enjoying himself, so all was well.

Moosie was feeling pretty confident glued to the side of his big brother. He easily separated from me and celebrated the stories by kicking his feet, flapping his hands, and shaking his head like he was saying "no" at warp speed. Again, enjoying himself. Again, all was well.

Then Moosie decided he wanted to be verbal. Very verbal. Very loud.


So I did my daily exercise and flung Moosie face down over my arms, hunched over, and swung him from side to side. I looked like an orangutan, but he was happy.

"MOWA. [More] MOWA! MOM! AYE!!!!! [High] "MOWA AYE!!!!!"

I did my motherly duty and told him to use his inside voice. He could tell by my whispering (after I said "listen to mommy's voice") what he was supposed to do, but of course he could only model me for one word before he was echoing shrilly off of the the exposed accordion walls.

Moosie swung, and bounced, and hung upside down off of his portable jungle gym (otherwise known as 'mom' [acronym for "monkey on me"]). Thankfully my body parts didn't need to be used as restraints or reflectors for the older one at the same time. (This happens often, and I manage, I think. Funny thing is it all goes hazy during those moments, but we all emerge still breathing.)

And then after 45 minutes, the storytelling was over.

And then I took both wild monkeys to check out books and pay our fines. Bubba of course picked another Star Wars book (he likes the book jacket). And Moosie, sweet Moosie... Moosie is a book collector. Moosie checked out 10 books, all of which he won't look at... he'll just carry or push them around in a toy stroller. Then he'll lose them. Then I'll pay the fine.

Another day done.

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