Tuesday, July 17, 2007


We have been kicked out of our house for mold clean up (from May water leak). We have been told that we will be out of our house for an estimated minimum of 5 days.

This isn't Extreme Home Makeover, and we're not going on a cool vacation. Thankfully my in-laws have room for us to stay for awhile. This is good because we don't have the money to cover living anywhere else. This is bad because, for one, the boys start school on Thursday. And the in-laws live about 30 minutes or so away from their schools, and traffic is awful.

So tonight we pack up our worldly possessions and anything we may or may not need for the next week. I don't even know what I need for tomorrow.... how am I to know what we'll need for a week? Of course I'll go overboard. I always do. No surprise there.

Our plan is to dress the boys in their next-day clothes before bedtime and to basically throw them in the car with pop tarts and juice. They'll probably be fine for the 1+ hour drive, but I sure feel sorry for whomever has to deal with them at about 1:30PM. I have to get Bubba on the bus at 8AM and then mill around at various places (my gym, his gymnastics/therapy, friend's pool, etc.) with Moosie until I get him on the bus at 12:00 or so. Then I find some place to work (with Internet connection) until it's time to get Bubba off the bus at 3:30 and Moosie off the bus at 4:15. Still not sure where I'll be during that 45 minutes in between?

And then we pack up to go back to the in-laws where we try not to cause mayhem and somehow get dinner, homework, baths, etc. accomplished without ruffling any feathers. Sound impossible? We're pretty much counting on it.

Of course Hubby doesn't see what the big deal is. But he's working until 8:30PM most nights, so it really isn't a big deal to him. The only thing he's worried about is the climate control of the house. Hubby turns our air down at night. He will not have that luxury at his mom and dad's. And me? I'll be the one with the luxury of having to listen to him complain and toss and turn.

Wish us all a safe return....

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