Monday, July 2, 2007

Check In

So I am down between 10-15 pounds since mid-May. I really don't want to say I lost 15 pounds because then I would have to admit to myself how heavy I was at my heaviest point. Yikes.

My Uncle* offered to buy me some calorie counting software for my Treo, but I think I am going to decline. I tried calorie counting for about 2 weeks and I became a little obsessed with it. Even though I felt satisfied, I wasn't getting enough calories so I was not losing anything. Once I increased my calories, I started dropping weight again. Who knew? So just being aware and following a low-glycemic way of eating for at least 90% of my intake seems to be doing me well.

Spinning is still going well. I am having issues with my right leg. I have tarsal tunnel, and lately my ankle has been turning in after a year of compensating for the pain in my foot. And now my knee is starting to give trying to compensate for my ankle. SO I talked to the spinning instructor and she suggested minimal lifting off of my seat. I will be going to an orthopedist soon, so I am hoping physical therapy and strengthening exercises are in my near future.

I'm bummed because I can really tell that my cardio-endurance is increasing...I don't want to lose that!

*Uncle J, sorry I didn't post your comment but I try not to include names here (for privacy) except for my own.


CH said...

I'm so proud of you! I've had the exercise part down for a while now, but the diet is another story. Sounds like you're attacking from both angles, and that's impressive!

I'd agree with your spin instructor about not standing during class. Don't worry, though, you'll get just as good of a workout by staying in the saddle. Just be conscious to push a little harder while you stay seated during the lifts.

Ange said...

Thanks! I don't believe in any way of eating that prohibits any one type of food, but the glycemic index diet works for me! Really, I'm just eating better foods. It's amazing how my cravings are gone. I only crave now when I'm surrounded by bad stuff at a party, but even then I do pretty well. Pretty shocking! And yes, I'll have an ice cream sandwich or a piece of chocolate or whatever once a day, but no more bags of M&Ms or daily DQ Blizzards or 3 Krispy Creme doughnuts.

shep said...

i'm proud of you, too. you're motivating me to start working out, too!!