Thursday, July 19, 2007

Day 2: Refreshing, sort of

We successfully made it to our house and got both boys on their respective buses at their respective times.

I did my tour in spinning class (I love the lady we had today. She always has great music and orchestrates the entire ride like we are a cycling team. Um, I hate the sprints though. Holy cow!)

I forgot to bring a change of clothes, so I had to wear my stanky bike shorts and t-shirt for the rest of the day, which was pretty funny later on.

I worked at a friend's house and then went to get my hair cut. After the haircut, we ran to Costco. This is where it was interesting since I am in my smelly, grubby workout clothes accompanied by a freshly styled haircut and doo (or "don't" as my father-in-law says).

I made it back in time to get Bubba off of the bus, but since we couldn't go inside our house, we had to wait outside for Moosie to get home from school. Normally, this would've been fine; however, thunderstorms rolled in and Moosie's bus was 1 hour late (it broke down before leaving his school). I spent about an hour in the car calming Bubba down.

After that and all of the traffic getting back to the in-laws, I was ready to finish my work. I finished a few moments ago after several disruptions, but that's life.

Pa Pa is restraining himself I think, but there were some comments regarding Moosie making a mess when he eats and Bubba being made to stand in the corner among other things. The boys are holding up rather well I think, but I can see the escalation of behaviors coming from a mile away. Hopefully there will be no explosions. Sadly, for many reasons, I hope that if there are any, they'll happen at school.

I have no idea how the boys' first day of the new school year turned out because neither one of them would tell me. Bubba was pretty agitated, but that is typical after school. Add a whole new living arrangement and the thunderstorms, and well... our only goal is to minimize chaos, which is pretty much undermining both boys' 'home behavior intervention plans.'

Tomorrow is Friday. I already plan on camping out at my friend's house for most of the day in between activities and errands. I'm thinking we won't come back to the in-laws until bedtime.

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