Monday, July 23, 2007

Grant's Farm

We visit Grant's Farm at least once a year. I forget that it's a tourist attraction and that people from 'out of town' actually come a distance to visit. I suppose we're spoiled since we have the option to feed nasty goats and see various misgrouped species of wildlife anytime we want.

I was reminded of this as we rode the tram around the property. I was just enjoying the peaceful ride. My boys love trams and trains, so as long as there are no tunnels, I can check out of reality for a few short, lovely breaths. But this time we had some folks from Wisconsin behind us exclaiming loudly every time one of them spotted an animal.

"Look, a deer!"
"A [insert type] cow/steer/bull!"
"Look at the goldfish."

It was getting ridiculous. Of course we see deer, otters, fox and the like weekly, if not more. Granted they aren't always alive, but you get the jist.

The boys and I had a good time and knocked a decent 4 hours out of the day. Some days that's all I can ask for.

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