Sunday, July 22, 2007

Day 5: Grateful

As we begin to Day 5, I remind myself that we are very lucky to have family who provide us shelter, food, beds, love, and a place to shower and do our laundry (apparently laundry still multiplies uncontrollably even when you do bring much of a wardrobe). We are also lucky that we have friends who provide us respite and refuge from family.

Friday, me and the boys spent time at our friends' house playing and swimming. By the time me arrived at the in-laws' house, we had movie night and then everyone was fast asleep.

We were up early the next morning, off to vision therapy, and then off to Grant's Farm (pics to come later). Then it was swimming and back to the temporary homestead where Bubba was excited to find his cousin. The rest of the evening went smoothly with the help of movies, baseball, and food.

Today, some minor blow ups (that could've been major). I took a slight beating on the back moving Bubba into the back room to deescalate an explosion. But now the boys are fed, watching the 'classic' cartoon version of Charlotte's Web. Another day of swimming planned and then it's off to my parents' house for a visit.

Hubby works the entire weekend, which is typical. At least he is off on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Nothing else exciting to report except that I cleaned the in-laws' bathroom and some of the kitchen, and did some of their laundry, so at least I don't feel useless. Also helps that I am actually sleeping some now!

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