Saturday, September 1, 2007

Good things

Hubby actually has the weekend off. A holiday weekend off. Three days. So what do we do? We spend all day at my parents' house so that Dad can help Hubby fix the brakes on one of our cars and Hubby can help put the insides back in my Dad's car (long story).

It was a nice day, so me and the boys played outside and tried to stay out of the way. I forget how much I miss having a little land to explore. Amazingly enough, not only did we get to fraternize with two baby deer we also saw two hot air balloons pas overhead close enough to see the flames shooting into the balloons.

Nothing beats hearing the boys yelling "Hello" to the deer and hot air balloons, although the excitement in their eyes was pretty awesome.


mcewen said...

Wow, there was a time [not so long back] when mine wouldn't say hello or hi to anybody, or anything for that matter. Good for you [all]

baba said...

These magic moments are what life is all about.