Sunday, September 30, 2007


We left early this morning, and when we returned we were welcomed home by the smell of shit. Hubby did the dishes, the trash was emptied last night. The house is pretty clean. I'm a little nervous that the smell of shit may actually be shit somewhere.

Since I am a good little avoider, we are doing what I do best... we're leaving the house. Me and the boys are going to the park. I fully expect the shit smell to be gone by the time we get back. You'd think by now I'd have learned that ignoring shit doesn't make it not stink... but, ummm no. Not the case.

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Niksmom said...

Ange, thanks for your vist to my blog. I think you're right about the song Nik is singing. :-)

This post made me both laugh and cringe. I spent yesterday dealing with Nik, um, fingerpainting. So I could so relate to the desire to walk off and leave it there! Did you ever find the source??