Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Yeah David!

David Cook that is. It was nice to see a sincere winner... could you just imagine the "other David's" face if he would've won? "Who me? Little ol' me?" Come on, you know the face. Hopefully the "other David" isn't disowned by his father.

And, I teared up a little watching Mr. Cook cry. Not sure if I was crying because he was emotional or because I was ready to make a glitter sign for him and wave it around frantically. Hey, he is from Missouri!

I hope he can make a decent album under the American Idol rigmarole. I guess Carrie Underwood was able to do her thing, so we'll see...


Niksmom said...

I think DC will be fine. he's old enough and mature enough to stand up for himself. Hey, Carrie U and Kelly C both did just fine as winners. I can't wait to hear the album he puts out. I think I voted ten times last night!

Stimey said...

The very first season AI was on, I watched compulsively. I was so embarrassed. I was totally a closeted fan. I threatened Alex with death if he told anyone I watched. I've come to terms with it, but I've still never voted. Happy for David Cook though.