Friday, May 16, 2008

To Be or Not to Be...

Yes, Bubba. Dear dear Bubba. Bubba who lost his behavior intervention plan because he, according to school staff, no longer has "behaviors that impede his learning" has been *GASP!* having trouble keeping his impulsive little hands to himself this week.

So we received a call from the principal and a nice behavior report, parts of which follow.

Bubba "put his hands around the neck of another student while in lunch line. When asked why he did that [Bubba] responded with "I don't know".

And the principal states: "I spoke to [Bubba] yesterday, May 13, 2008, regarding keeping his hands to himself. Since he did it again today, he will lose recess tomorrow, May 15, 2008. Further incidents could result in in-school or out-of-school suspension."

Seriously, WTF? I couldn't ask for better documentation. I have my follow up IEP e-mail outlining why I didn't agree with the school's decision to remove Bubba's BIP, I have my unsigned written notice stating that they are removing his BIP with my note at the bottom stating my disagreement and referring to my follow-up e-mail. Now less than a month later I have official school documentation stating possible suspension because of behaviors that are a manifestation of his disability (impulsivity, lack of social skills). And since he has been "spoken to" he should just be able to turn that impulsive behavior right around. And I also have an e-mail from the resource teacher stating that she believes the action was impulsive.

I've also found out second hand from another kid in the class that Bubba was licking another kid's coat (while the kid was wearing it). That's a new one for us.

Ironically, all of this happened while I was out of town attending a Wrightslaw seminar. (Hubby said I can't go out of town again. Ever.) All I can do is shake my head and write my response to the report I have to sign.

Update: I just got a call from the school counselor. Apparently Bubba pushed a chair into a kid's chest. Shit. Shit. Shit. She has been meeting with him. She's concerned that he doesn't understand why he is doing this. Really? And this is "not [Bubba]." Um yes it is, sometimes it is, you just wouldn't listen to us (and unfortunately forgot the past).

Oh, Bubba. What are we going to do to help them get this?


Niksmom said...

Oy vey! The stupidity of some school administrators is truly mind boggling! At least you've got a clear paper trail documenting your objections to the removal of the BIP. I would write a letter to the appropriate person at school, requesing the immediate reinstatement of a BIP for your son. Outline your reasons and include copies of the emails and other relevant info (like the educational strategy page from the ACC web site you have linked to your blog. Make sure you copy the district's Dir. of Special Services (or whatever the head of SpEd is called in your district) AND the district superintendent. A mention of JOINT liability in the event of injury to another or damage to property may get their attention. Of course, you'll need to word it in such a way that it's a concern versus a threat...

Also, contact your state's legal aid organization; they should be able to give you some free legal advice b/c of Bubba's disability.

Good luck!

Stimey said...

Oh, no. Shouldn't the schools really try to listen to the parents? Who are the people who know best what their children need? I'm sorry about this.

Kelley said...

Oh babe. Oh babe. The only words I have are expletives. What is wrong with these people! Does he have to actually HURT someone for them to see the error of their ways?

Is there anyway you can get through their thick skulls that IF Bubba actually hurts someone and the parents sue THEY are liable? Because they are. Perhaps that might turn the little bean counters around.

Smootches babe. You know I feel your pain.