Thursday, August 7, 2008

Dad having surgery

Sorry for not posting much lately...too much to do! (Not that I don't have a gob of half-written posts!)

Anyhow, my 60-year-old dad--the one who is diabetic and seriously overweight who drinks regular soda like it is his life blood (rather than the death sentence it is)--is having Lap-Band surgery today.

I love my dad, but am not happy about this decision since he is having this surgery thinking it will be his "magic bullet." Never mind that he hasn't tried sticking to a healthy diet and exercise plan for more than 1 week. He thinks this will force him to lose weight. Maybe it will. Idunno.

All I know for sure is that he is a food addict and he is going to be damn crabby for a long long time. And he isn't a rationale person when he is crabby.

This is supposedly a minor operation, so I just pray for no complications.


Niksmom said...

sending out good thoughts for your dad's surgery and successful recovery.

Anonymous said...

Like your dad, I was addicted to regular soda forever. Couldn't stand the diet stuff. When Smackie turned diabetic, though, we quit buying it and I thought my soda days were over. Then I discovered this stuff, "True Lemon," which is a powdered lemon extract that I add to the diet soda. Voila - instant fizzy yumminess! It takes away that nasty chemical taste and gives it the right zing...I don't know what it is but I had read that some people are more sensitive to the bad taste of diet soda and that lemon can help. For me it really does. I'm going to mail your dad a bottle of it to see if he likes it. I know regular water is more healthy but sometimes you just want a soda. Aunt E