Friday, August 8, 2008

Thumbs Up

Dad didn't get in a room until 7PM, but all went well. It was difficult seeing my dad so vulnerable, pale and in pain. Let's hope that he gets the motivation he needs to get healthy so I don't have to see him like this again!

That being said, it felt good to be able to be there for him and my stepmom. He balked about me and Hubby being there since it was "no big deal." But his eyes said otherwise when we walked in. And I was glad my stepmom didn't have to sit in the waiting room for 8 hours by herself. We had some decent conversation, which was good.


Niksmom said...

Whew! Glad it went well. :-)

(BTW, whatever comment you posted on my blog...didn't come through...just the second part w/the HUG correction.) xo

Niksmom said...

Ok, there must be weird blogger gremlins...your comment just showed up! (cue Twilight Zone music...)

Kelley said...

Good news babe. Lets hope this is the turning point for him.

And huge hugs.

Mrs. C said...

Wow... even if he just CUTS DOWN on the regular soda, it can be a real change. It's hard to be a food addict because you really DO need the next fix, maybe just not so much of it. :] Many hugs to your family today.

Casdok said...

Glad you were there for him and all went well.

Club 166 said...

Glad that all went well. What with cutting down on my blogging addiction, I didn't read this until today.

And now that it's over, any surgery in somebody who's morbidly obese (more than twice their ideal body weight) is not "easy" or "routine".