Sunday, February 22, 2009

Skating Through it All

This week has been particularly hard on our family, but more on that later. Today, Hubby left for another week away for mandatory work training. A friend invited us to go roller skating with her church group, and rather than sitting at home depressed over all that has and is happening, me and the boys went.

I am so glad we did. I watched Bubba fall again and again. This was maybe his second time roller skating, so no surprise there. I got out there with him and told him "Look at me, not at your feet. You can do this. YOU CAN DO THIS!" He smiled as he tried, both of us laughing as we tried to navigate around the rink, others his age whizzing by.

By the end of the session he was skating on his own. Not smoothly, but he was doing it. And he was happy as he danced robotically across the rink. He continued to fall...and he continued to get right on back up. And the neatest part was when another kid would fall down, he would be right there to help him up.

Later, when I was frustrated about something else, he said the same words I said to him..."Mom, it's OK. Don't get frustrated. YOU CAN DO THIS!"

And that right there made this whole week worth it. My baby believes in me as much as I believe in him. What more do I need?

(It's a cellphone video, but look at the boy try to dance on wheels!)


Stimey said...

That's really sweet. Words do matter, huh?

nixwilliams said...

i'm catching up on blogs, and i jsut watched the video - utterly gorgeous! :D