Monday, March 9, 2009


*One of those posts that got lost in the drafts folder!*

So I haven't posted in awhile. I will. Soon. My efforts have been spent at this blog and around the R&S issue. And yeah, it's official, Bubba is now officially out of public school...and a homeschooler. And Moosie is still in preschool and IDONTKNOWWHATTHEHELLTODOABOUTHIMANDKINDERGARTEN. And I am back from Washington DC and I don't think I can really post about it until I have one full night's sleep in my own bed. Then maybe.

And wave to Stimey. I think I have been reading her blog for 2 years. And I met her this weekend. And it was like we were old friends. She is authentic, amazing, humorous, and my type of gal. I found out the COPAA conference is going to be in St. Louis next year. I am going to bribe Stimey to come.


Mrs. C said...

Hey, how do you think Moosie would do in kindergarten? What does your husband want to do?

We went through something *very* similar with Elf. Emperor went to kindergarten the following year, but only stayed about a week and a half. In retrospect, I'm not sure that I gave the school a "fair chance." It was a new principal, etc. too, but Emperor was socially immature and would keep getting suspended.

The kid could add columns of numbers, too, and here they were having him draw a circle... sighhh...

You know, public school is a real mixed bag even for neurotypical kids. THEN, I find when I'd go to the schools my kids used to go to for this or that, the staff would say things like, oh, I'm glad to see you Elf, I was wondering how you were...

As if it shouldn't be assumed that he was doing FINE, thankyouverymuch. Though I suppose not too many kids get pulled in the middle of the year like mine, and some of the staff did get attached. :]

Stimey said...

I'll totally take that bribe. :) Actually, you probably don't even have to bribe me. Just promise to keep me company again!