Friday, March 9, 2007

Cycle Break Once Again

So today starts another cycle break. I made a commitment to be more schedule oriented to help Bubba manage the vast 'unstructuredness' of cycle break. So far so good, except Moosie wants to be doing everything Bubba does, which is endearing, but gets really annoying sometimes. (Note to self: Copy all of Bubba's worksheets so that Moosie has one just like Bubba's during 'morning work.')

So far we've had breakfast, gotten dressed, taken out the trash, picked up toys, and completed a worksheet. We've also had a smashed finger, a choking episode, and 1 near explosion. Thankfully for all, TV time, play time, and chaos are built into the daily schedule and sandwich each undesired task.

So next on the list is going to the bank, meeting friends at the park, and then lunch, reading time, and the library. I haven't gotten any further than yet in the day's schedule, but I have a feeling I am going to be exhausted this evening. So anyhow, my time writing may be shortened over the next two weeks.

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