Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Today we built a sandbox out of scrap lumber. Well, Hubby built a sandbox and I held things when he told me to hold things and provided insight and commentary when he didn't ask me to provide insight or commentary.

The boys are very excited about having a big sandbox in the backyard. Mommy and daddy are excited about having a place where they can safely dig, scoop, and pour.

Next on the list is a raised vegetable garden and compost container. I am getting back to my roots (pun intended) and bringing my family with me (Hubby kicking and screaming).


Sarah and Jack said...

Ange, I have not had time to entirely read your very thoughtful blog here, but I wanted to let you know I was here, and I found my via something I saw on It seems like the years since we saw each other last (in high school!) have been challenging for you, and I hope you and Greg are both still able to smile and laugh like I remember. I will definitely come back when I have a moment to read more thoroughly.

Sarah (formerly a Johner, now a crazed mother of 1.)

P.S. Tell Greg I said "Don't worry little lady, I'll fix your wagon."

Ange said...

Hey, so strange as I swore I saw you at the park the other day and kept doing a double take to check. I decided I didn't think it was you and left it at that. Funny that you found me here though.

Greg and I have had our moments, but here we still are, and yes we still belly laugh at the goofiest things just like we did all those years ago...just more belly to do the laughing now. Ugh.

So much has changed...but so much hasn't. It's so odd being a grown up, being a wife, being a mom.

Greg will love the John Wayne bit; I'll be sure to tell him. Hope you are doing well!