Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hubby Gets Hammered

So Daddy is finishing up the sandbox and him and Bubba decide to beat an old board with a hammer. No one thought to look out for innocent little Moosie...little sweet Moosie who tossed a hammer in the air just to watch it fall. His happy dance was short lived.

To be fair, Moosie exclaimed "Eeeee Eeeeee!" [his version of Oopsie!"] after the claw hit Daddy in the head. Thankfully Daddy has a hard head, but he still got a nasty gash.

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Jared said...

My son once broke a golf club over my head. It was plastic. But still.

Fathers are hard-headed for a reason.

(p.s. I found your site via your former, and my current, co-workers.)