Monday, March 31, 2008

Autism: The Musical

Autism: The Musical

It's not a contrived, one-sided story. There were some things that made me cringe. Some things that made me nod my head. Things that made me cry. Things that made me smile and laugh, sometimes unexpectedly. I saw honesty. I saw opinions. I saw struggles, growth, denial, love. I didn't feel pity. I was left with emotions and thoughts swirling. And a few images of some amazingly beautiful, powerful smiles.

My favorite quote, told secondhand by one mother: "It's not up to us to judge the quality of her life."

My least favorite quote made by one mother: "This isn't a social change, it's a disease."

The quote that I struggle with every day: "I can't make them value her. I can't make them respect her, and think that she has the same rights that they do."

The movie is about 90 minutes long. It's worth it.


Kelley said...

90 minutes... I don't have 9 at the moment.


But it won't let me view it anyway as I am not in the US. That sucks.

Casdok said...

Certainly sounds interesing. Wonder if it will come over to the UK?

Stimey said...

I really enjoyed watching this too. And I agree, just like the real world, there were all kinds of parents and kids in it.

Those kids made me smile, I tell ya'.