Wednesday, March 26, 2008


I just finished a time consuming work project and took another one yesterday, so I leave you with two quick updates that I hope to expand on soon.

The boys loved their Amtrak ride across Missouri. I can't say I recommend it since we spent 6 hours on a train two days in a row... but to them it was like riding the coolest amusement park ride in the world. So it was worth it. That one time.

Today we went to a Disability Rights rally at the State capitol. The boys weren't very interested, but I tried to explain what "rights" are, what "equality" is, and that we were at the place that makes "laws." I caught our district senator in between session and committee meetings. He listened to me for over 20 minutes regarding the use of seclusion rooms in our state. (Report linked to here is for California. No such investigation has happened in Missouri.) He was visually shocked that these rooms existed. Not sure if Bubba's constant questioning about "swords and guns" (he had just seen these items in the museum) assisted the cause... but Bubba and Moose did get to hit the gavel in the (empty) Senate Chamber room (after an initial fear and being assured that no public speaking was involved!).


Stimey said...

Fantastic!! About the train, the gavel, AND the senator!

Casdok said...

Great that you were listened too!!

Niksmom said...

Glad the trip went well. Sometimes all it takes is ONE voice to make a difference. Good for you!