Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The fruits (er, vegetables) of my labor

When I came back from vacation, there was a handful of green beans left and a surprise zucchini.

The zuke doesn't look as nice battered and fried, but it tasted damn good!

The garden did not die while I was gone, though the vines took over since no one was around to keep them in line.

Tomatoes are on their way.

Something likes the broccoli. Yes, that is a broccoli plant!

Beets, carrots, lettuce.

Moosie approves of the carrots.

I couldn't bare to throw away the carrot greens just yet, so they became the inspiration behind an impromptu flower arrangement.


Anonymous said...

That all looks so good! When's dinner?!

Do you have any good beet recipes?

Mrs. C said...

LOVE IT!! Even the floral arrangement is so clever!!!