Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Sun, Strong Currents, Jelly Fish, and Goodbye

Saturday was a beautiful day...While I spent all day at the beach, Bubba went in midday because he couldn't really play in the ocean. There was a strong risk of rip tides and we were easily knocked down in knee deep water and then carried down shore in a matter of seconds. We did put a washed up jelly fish in a bucket of water and watch it pulsate like a beating heart.

Sunday our friends left early in the morning. We had planned to stay at the beach, but since the current was still wicked strong, we said goodbye to the sun and sand and headed towards home.

It was an extra surprise to drive by Grave Digger's home. Bubba loves Big Foot, and we have visited the Big Foot garage several times since it is so close to home. But Moosie loves Grave Digger!

We should make it home today, after 40 cumulative hours of driving.

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