Wednesday, September 3, 2008

What's the story?

School has not been going well. I am beginning to see why Bubba hates the third grade.

So he told the story, and apparently there is no problem with it--the birds were happy with the situation, so why create a problem where there is none? And come on, what's a story without "the end"?

Maybe I just find this funny because I am on narcotics and antibiotics and I am still coughing myself into a constant migraine. In anycase, don't tell Bubba that I hate third grade too...well at least I really, really dislike it!


Maddy said...

Indeed. Mine came home with a sheet to complete about 'family' in the broadest sense of the word, how many brothers sisters etc. The how many pets was written twice by accident on the sheet, so he filled it with question marks. I sooo sympathise.
Best wishes [and hope those pills start working soon.]

Stimey said...

Thank God we're still in 1st grade. Sam had to solve his first story problem last week. At least he doesn't have to write them.

Mrs. C said...

Ok, I've thought about this for a while. Maybe the teacher means for this to be a math exercise instead of a writing prompt. If so, she's insulting his intelligence. Good grief. Does she want him to colour the birdies as well?

Please say this didn't come home as "homework." Because that's sadistic. ;]