Friday, December 26, 2008

Cotton-Eye Bubba?

No, even though it is possible that Bubba has pink eye, this post is not about that.

Bubba and Moosie received toy trucks that play music. Bubba loves these types of toys. He will play the music over and over and over until he nails it. And now that he has discovered the powers of YouTube, he will find the song and then listen to and analyze every version he can locate. His final step appears to be his performance/reenactment, complete with his own costume design.

For those of you who thought you couldn't hear that song even one more time on Christmas eve...believe me if I can hear it 30,000 times, clap to it, and dance to it, and still be smiling, then so can you!

I only had a little room left on my chip, so I just caught a you are lucky...this time! Notice Mooser tapping his toes trying not to call too much attention to himself. He also picked out his costume.

And seriously, look at my boys fingers on that fake guitar. I think he watched the YouTube videos so much he memorized the guitar pattern. He also picked up some dance moves that did not get captured. My boy has rhythm but he can't dance.


Niksmom said...

ROFL! That boy is ready for Guitar Hero for sure!!! Too cute!

Anonymous said...

I think that is a genetic thing. I've downloaded probably 20 different versions of "Hold Me Know" by the Thompson Twins and listened to all of them over and over.