Saturday, December 6, 2008

Teacher Gifts

Between both boys and their various bus drivers, paraprofessionals, teachers, and therapists, I have the need for potentially 40+ "teacher gifts." Since I believe that, yes, even the bus driver has a powerful influence over my children, I want each person to know that he or she matters to my children's lives.

Since I have not won the lottery, this year seems to not lean towards being a "baking year", and matter of factly half of the people responsible for at least one of my children have not taken their responsibility sincerely, I have decided to take the boys' art work and adorn it with a poem I just wrote, but seems unfinished.

Maybe it will come to me. Or maybe I will let the recipients finish it for themselves.


inside I am everything
that you
do not see

I am everything
you do not know
that you want me to be, inside
I can give you
what you do not know
you need

I am breathing, beating, bursting
what you're afraid
to believe

if you look
and choose to see

--AH, 2008

** Edited: I changed the title (and keep messing with the last verse), but maybe it is too strong of a word. I wanted this to feel as it is coming from a child's voice as this is what I hear in my heart when Bubba struggles with understanding his emotions and other people's reactions.


Mrs. C said...

It's always nice to be remembered at Christmastime. If you DID win the lotto, though, you could purchase yourself one very expensive tutor and then just buy one gift. :]

Stimey said...

Dammit, bus drivers. I swear, every time I read someone's blog I remember someone else I have to get a gift for. With the bus drivers, now I'm up to 10.

Niksmom said...

Ange, that's beautiful! I wouldn't add a thing to it!