Monday, December 15, 2008

Seeing Things

I watched a horror show once when I was a child where blood came out of the shower head. And then later I heard a story of a woman who had spiders come out of her shower head (and I actually did have one fall out of our air vent once while I was in the bathroom, so that didn't help). So anyhow, since I refuse to close my eyes when showering and I try very hard not to think about anything either, I am forced to stare at the shower walls.

After seeing the letter A on my husband's head, I thought I'd share my "shower stall visions."

Cat and mouse (sorry about the glare)

Jesus? Or maybe his cousin?

Old man winter

The naughty wall

The water pitcher

Nude torso

There are lots more, but these are the ones that really stand out to me. Don't you wish you could be inside my brain? I told you I was crazy.


Stimey said...

Your last two posts have been hilarious! You're probably not totally crazy, but there's definitely a touch of the crazy in there. :)

Niksmom said...

Damn, girl, you've gotta start finding these images in things you can actually sell on eBay! ROFL.

OMG! Word Verification? CRACKER...I kid you not!

Keep it like a secret said...

OMG I know what movie you're talking about!!!! It's called The Possessed House and I saw it, too. One guy got attacked by a garden hose. The hot chick was taking a shower, tra la la, and suddenly, BLOOD! Sound familiar?

You want crazy? I cried at the end of that movie when the people burned the house down because I felt bad for the house. Yes, I felt bad for the house that killed people, so I went to the bathroom and cried on the countertop until my mom came in and listened to me babble about how "It's not the house's fault! It was possessed! It didn't know any better!"

Sorry if I just ruined the ending. ~Kelly

Keep it like a secret said...

Actually it's called This House Possessed, released in 1981.

Ange said...

So at least I am not the only crazy one! Wasn't that movie based on a true story? I have had to avoid the psycological thrillers after I watched The Ring. I almost refused to shower for days... had to make myself get in the shower for quite awhile. I'm thinking OCD and psychological thrillers are not a good combination.