Monday, November 17, 2008

A little louder

Do you ever get a message, a little nudge? Maybe a speeding ticket when you are going a little too fast. And then you get the message just a little louder the next time? Maybe a little fender bender? And you thank your lucky stars for that second chance, that much needed message that was just a little bit louder?

Remember this?

After putting the knives up higher, further back, and out of even my reach, Bubba found them. He was just cutting an apple... with a butcher knife... blade-side up.

He sliced the tip of two of his fingers on his right hand. I am so grateful that is all that happened. The knives are going in a locked box in a locked cabinet.

After me nearly tossing my cookies when he came up to me and said "Mom, I think I hurt my hand." And then after nearly fainting when I removed my hand from the bleeding to see how deep it was, we made a trip to the ER.

After a three hour wait--Bubba perfectly content talking to other injured patients and me suffering near-puking nauseousness--the doctor opted to glue all of the various lacerated layers. We were concerned the stitches would lead to picking, which would lead to possible infection and reinjury.

So we arrived home at 10PM, ace bandage wrapped and bloodstained. I wasn't able to sleep. And I still feel nauseous. Bubba is all about telling everyone he cut himself with a "butcher's knife" and the only message I can hear now is the one echoing in my head with stabbing anxiety: Bubba crying softly and saying "I didn't know the knife would do that mom. I didn't know the knife would do that..."


Shannon said...

So glad he is okay Ange...I got chills just reading your recount so I can only imagine what it was like in the moment

Mrs. C said...

Oh, my goodness. Oh, my goodness.

I'm so glad he's going to be ok but my mommy heart just aches for you. There are so many things that our kids need, special, and no way to do them all.

SO MANY hugs coming your way today. Hope he doesn't pick at the glue, etc. :[

Hugs again. Oh, gracious.

Niksmom said...

I suppose it's so hard to see it through the nauseated upset right now but, really, he was trying so hard to be a grown up independent boy. And the way it sounds like he handled himself at the hospital; you've done an amazing job with him, Ange. I know you can't see that right now, but maybe later you'll let it sink in.

And I'm pretty sure he's learned a mighty powerful lesson about knives, too.

Sending you big, soft hugs and a nice cup of tea...or shot of scotch? xo

Stimey said...

You get some big virtual hugs. I'm so glad he's okay.

Anonymous said...

Hey momma. Accidents happen. Do you know how many times I've cut myself? A trained "professional". Just yesterday I used a paring knife upside down. No kidding, stupid design for a knife if I can confuse the sides, if you ask me. Anyway. Kids do wacky stuff. I 100% agree with Mrs. C and Niksmom. You can't save them from everything, and Bubba's growing into a fine young man. I'm a little bias, but I love him and Love his parents. A little blood is all part of the deal. Bub's 1st glued cut. Woo-Whooo! --P

Anonymous said...

*shutter* I'm relieved he is ok. Now, we just have to make sure you are ok. I know it's hard not to wonder "what could have happened", but try to focus on the fact that he is ok and you have put safety measures in place so it doesn't happen again. *hugs* -sister

Club 166 said...

So, are you going to let Bubba carve the turkey today (just kidding)???

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.


Casdok said...

Poor Bubba and poor you. Hope a lesson has been learnt.

qw88nb88 said...

been there done that ... last year I had to cleanse, inspect, butterfly-shut, and dress (slightly shallower) wound atop my own son's foot, where a sofa upholstery staple lacerated the top of his foot. (I figured the ER / A&E would have been really slow, expensive, and just left us all exposed to additional germs.) I monitored the wound for several days to check for swelling, fever, oozing, et cetera, and it all turned out okay. (Well, aside from the small scar.)

When he was small, he ran around the house with my big "butcher" knife -- that was the ONLY time I ever slapped a kid, smacking him on the hand. Now he's 17 and a good cook, but I've learned that sometimes it's best not to watch, because I still get twitchy...