Thursday, November 13, 2008

Makes Sense

Moosie: I pick out yogurt. No want girl yogurt. Boy yogurt!

He huffs over to the dairy section in the grocery store and forcefully selects the pink strawberry Dora yogurt.


Thirty minutes after a temper tantrum in which he threw all of the sheets and blankets off of our bed:

Bubba: How are the covers going to get back on the bed?

Me (hoping daddy would do it since I was laying down in the bed): I don't know. You threw them off the bed, so you figure it out.

Bubba: Well, first the green sheet goes down, then when that covers us flat, then the blanket goes on top, and then...

Guess they showed me.

1 comment:

Mrs. C said...

How funny! We must look weird to him, too. :]