Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happiness is in the (not) so little things

Every morning Hubby makes the coffee. Every morning it makes me smile. Every morning I tell him thank you. And I mean it. The smell of coffee wafting into our bedroom tells me he loves me.

We still have Silly Sally the cat. Hubby is now taking Allegra, we are feeding her homemade catfood (thanks Niksmom!), and we have trained her to use the doggy door that came with the house. I have never had an inside/outside cat before, but it was clear she needs both. I get absolutely giddy when I call her in for the evening and she runs to me from wherever she is, meowing. I scoop her up and listen to her happiness. And when I catch Hubby watching, I can tell that he knows how much I appreciate what he is tolerating so I can keep her.

But I know it's not all just for me.... ;)


Anonymous said...

Bubba got a haircut?!-P

Niksmom said...

Oh, Sally is a sweet kitty! I'm glad the catfood is helping (I hope!?). LOVE that first picture! Nothing says loving like a husband who will tolerate our cats even though they are allergic to them!

Stimey said...

Fabulous photos! We have a cat buddy like that. I think it's so good for kids.