Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The ways of the universe

I specifically did not post about our kitty until I was pretty certain she would be a permanent member of our family. We have had her since early August, but I dared not post pictures about her in fear that I would jinx keeping her.

So yesterday, I finally post pictures, and what happens? Yesterday afternoon she was turned in to animal control and this morning Hubby woke up with out-of-control allergies. (I told him maybe he was allergic to the cat being gone. He didn't buy it.)

So now I fret and wait for the animal control office to open at 10am so I can go rescue Sally. The poor baby must be scared, and probably downright pissed to be back at the shelter.

She wasn't happy as a 100% inside cat. So I don't know what to do. In the past few weeks she has been becoming so much more vibrant and healthy. She doesn't meow all of the time or rip paper since we started letting her play outside. And when she's outside, she rolls on the concrete and chases leaves and bugs. And we keep her indoors from early evening until morning, giving her the option to go out during the day (but she doesn't have to). SO what do we do? I don't want her to keep getting picked up (It is going to cost us $70 to get her back!), but I don't want her to be miserable either?


Anonymous said...

kitty leash is your answer.-P

Niksmom said...

Does she get picked up b/c no one knows who owns her or is there an ordinance against outdoor cats or something?

If the former, get her microchipped (if not already) and buy her a breakaway collar and I.D. tag.

Stimey said...

I second the tag, but there are also outdoor cat pens for cats that want to be outside. They don't give them a lot of room, and they might be pricey, but it might be cheaper than picking her up at the humane society over and over.