Friday, January 30, 2009

A lot can happen in a week

I apologize for being quiet here... but wow, what a week!

Last week I gave a presentation to The Missouri Planning Council for Developmental Disabilities - Education Committee. The committee voted to bring the issue in front of the council and the council (hopefully) is expected to approve "supporting" legislation in the restraint and seclusion issue. Within a matter of days, a bill is being drafted and there are two potential sponsors (Senators). I have been working like crazy updating the site I started a year ago. I have been advocating through e-mail and on the phone more than I have since...well, if you have children with disabilities you are always on the phone or e-mailing someone about something trying to resolve a problem, prevent something, or hold someone accountable, or get something to change! Check out the site and give me your feedback. It's a blog, so I'm limited...but if you are smart like that, help me fix things like making the blog let me put thing in the order I want them as opposed to chronologically. Grrr. I can't devote much time on this since I'm spending time on the actual issue.

I am going to DC in March to further educate myself on and advocate about this issue (and I get to meet Stimey!). I am going to the State capitol in February and March.

I have suspended my freelance work until late Spring so that I can focus on this issue (and um a "schooling" issue I have been purposely vague about...). I am scared shitless. Like really scared. It's not like I made a ton, but it was supplemental income that we live on month to month.

But, because things just work out sometimes, we found out today that Hubby is moving to a store 5 minutes away (right now he has about a 60-90 minute commute (round trip). This alone will save us $300 or more a month in gas (and food costs since Hubby so often 'forgets' to bring his lunch!). not to mention that he can come home during lunch when he wants or go to meetings/appointments for the boys...and we can drop by and grace him with our presence when we are running around. And for someone as anxiety ridden as myself, it's good to know he is minutes away in case there is any emergency.

So there you have it.


Stimey said...

Those sound like all really cool things. I would probably sell one of my arms to have Alex work five minutes away. That's cool.

I can't wait to meet you!!

Niksmom said...

Yay on your hubby working closer to home. It makes such a huge difference!

Wow, I'm super impressed with what you are doing around the seclusion/restraint issues. Good luck in D.C.! (And give Stimey a high-five and a hug from me!)

On the other blog: You can edit the date and time of a post by clicking the "Post Options" link on the lower left when you are creating a new post (or you can edit an existing one). I *think* that should change the order in which they appear.

Another thought is to number your posts so anyone could figure out what order to read them.