Thursday, May 28, 2009

Fatal Attraction

See this cute little puddy tat?

She likes to torture things. Like this one that she blinded and then watched as it slammed itself into things.

And then decapitate them and drag them into our basement. Thankfully this one didn't fit through the kitty door.

I'd almost be disgusted, except that Momma's vegetable garden and flowers have been virtually untouched. And Hubby, who "hates" cats, now has a strange fondness of this one because she comes when she's called, snuggles with his boys, and kills things. Apparently his priorities for females aren't very high.


Stimey said...

Okay, you win. I posted a photo of a stuffed squirrel and you totally one-upped me with a photo of a decapitated rabbit.

Dear lord, woman. You have a ninja cat there.

Anonymous said...

geez, put a disclaimer on that shiz! how graphic! Maybe after seeing that Matt will want to get a cat
Tammi :)

Keep it like a secret said...

A neighbor cat caught and skinned a baby bunny alive when I was little. I can still hear that poor thing squealing. Cats frighten me a little bit! But I still wuv them.

Club 166 said...

OOOOHHH.... A Garden Guard cat! I could use me one of those....

Joe (never known as a cat lover, either)