Sunday, May 17, 2009

Three Words and Then Some

A few days ago, Mooser came up to me, hung over my back and smooshed his face up to mine. "I wuv you mommy," he purred. And after I said "I love you Mooser!" and kissed him, he rolled around in my lap, over my shoulders, down my back while experimenting with the phrase. After one final big momma smooch on the cheek, he gave me his infamous sideways glance and happy-danced towards his Legos.

This morning, Bubba stretched with his rear in the air, his head cocked slightly, and his shoulders hunched to allow his arms full reign to zap the remaining sleepiness through his fingers. He then bounced out of bed, only to return to intently sing "I love you mommy," before leaping back out of bed and crushing whatever was in his path, my "I love you too Bubba," following him as he darted out the door.

I must be doing something right. Or I just haven't done anything wrong in awhile.


Mrs. C said...

Awww... I just treasure those moments!

Niksmom said...

How sweet! Hey, don't question the reason...just soak it in while you can! LOL