Saturday, May 16, 2009


Bubba has quite a long list of Bubba-isms. I guess Moosie is trying to make up for lost time. While we were fishing, he was climbing on a fence near the street. While I asked him to get down because I didn't want him to fall in the street, he shrugged and casually stated "I no get hit by a car yet..."


And then today we watched a drum and fife group parade down the street in Old Town. When we urged him to leave after the group had passed, he adamantly pouted "It not over yet!" as he 'happy danced' while the cars impatiently putted behind the group. He didn't believe me that the 10 cars or so were not part of the parade. I think I may have tried to convince him that cars were a parade at some point when we were stuck in traffic some time ago in order to avoid a meltdown. Whoops.


And in case you think I just torment my youngest baseball today Bubba was talking to a little boy's dad whose son was born without eyes. The dad was trying to explain the "fake eyes" and I piped up how Pa Pa (Hubby's dad) has one glass eye. I was trying to relate it to something he knew about to make it easier to understand. But apparently he didn't know, because it looked at me like "What the fuck? Grandpa has a glass eye?" And he definitely didn't understand.

Foot in mouth. Again.

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Stimey said...

So funny. I love the parade story. I also hope that his not getting hit by a car *yet* continues.