Wednesday, November 8, 2006


My kids are genuine. That means they don't kindly say thank you when they don't like a gift, but it also means when they say or do something really loving, it's straight from their little hearts.

We haven't seen my dad much over the past few weeks because either he's working [too much] or we've got something going on [if we have to go to one more wedding, shower, or birthday party I am going to scream! I seriously do not enjoy 'functions' when they are every single weekend.]. Grandma and Mema were over on Halloween, but Grandpa had to work late.

Anyhow, my parents came over for dinner last night and when my dad walked in, Bubba hugged him tight and said "I missed you Grandpa." Just like that, in a soft, honest voice. He lingered only for a second before going back to terrorizing his toy cars with his dinosaur puppet. "ROOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRR. CRASH. I eat my food!!!"

My dad looked a little shocked, and I think hubby teared up. I don't think it was because of the flying Hotwheels and fresh gashes in the wall, but I could be wrong.

Those moments don't happen all of the time [well, the flying cars do, but not the sweet moments], but when they do, I take the time to notice.

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