Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Moosie's New Diagnoses

My kids are into collecting hotwheels, trains, and labels. A few weeks ago Moosie underwent a 3 hour evaluation, and Hubby and I went to the 'conference' today.

Moosie's newest diagnoses are Oral Apraxia and Verbal Apraxia. This isn't shocking since I have been suspecting apraxia for over a year, and I think it'll help us move in the right direction more efficiently for Moosie Moose.

Prognosis for Moosie is good; he has many strengths: persistence, attention to task, and compliance. Although therapy will be "long term," we have no reason to believe that Moosie won't be intelligibly speaking some day. For now, we just keep on encouraging those vocalizations and signs!

Learn with us and read about verbal and oral apraxia.

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