Thursday, October 23, 2008

Being Set Up to Fail

I requested an IEP meeting awhile go, knowing that we may very well decide to pull Bubba out of school. After jumping through hoops and rescheduling the meeting so that the people we want to be there are, in fact, there, we were told that this was just going to be a team meeting to discuss progress. Well yes, let's discuss progress--like the lack of progress and my son being set up to fail.

This is a sample of the work he is bringing home. It is clear he is attempting the work, but also clear that he is being pushed past his level without school giving him a chance to master anything. And yes, on most assignments, he is doing them with the aid of a paraprofessional or teacher, and still struggling.

Obviously his IEP needs to be revisited if most of his assignments are graded as a "1" on a scale of "1-4." But yet, the school is confused why he acts up (avoidance behaviors).



Niksmom said...

Oy vey! Sorry they're being so ridiculous. But they sure do make it tempting for you to homeschool, yes?? (Yes????? :-D) xo

Mrs. C said...

Way to crush his spirit. Soon he won't even try any more. That is so sad.

autism_anthropologist said...

Is it just me or does no. 15 on the Spelling test say clone trooper?