Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Duke: 5 Bras: 0

We adopted our dog Duke from a local animal shelter in July. I took the boys "just to look" and Duker called out to me. Long story short, we brought him home a few days later, and the dog that appeared in the shelter to never jump, bark, etc. has since discovered his inner dogness and grown into a happy, muscular, and hyper chewmonger.

Anyhow, the dog has a thing for my bras, particularly the black ones. He waits eagerly until a fresh load of warm clothes is dumped on the infamous "laundry couch" for folding and then will actually root around shoving his nose through the pile until he emerges with a bra laced through his teeth. He then dances and shakes around the house like he is trying to kill it. Don't get me wrong, his moves look much more graceful than me chasing him around the house half dressed yelling "DROP!...Drop!" Once I finally catch him and pin down his 70+ pound bra-obsessed body, I literally have to stick my hands in his mouth and pry it open to relieve the slobbery, shredded bra.

I really don't know why I bother since he goes right back to the laundry couch to find another victim.

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