Monday, August 21, 2006

Kids will be kids

Bubba had been playing with big plastic megablocks. Recognizing the fact that the temptation for Chew-bacha (AKA the dog) would be too much, I asked Bubba to pick up the blocks when he showed signs of moving on to something else.

Forever trying to make tedious tasks fun, and therefore heading off nasty temperamental explosions, I asked Bubba to become a crane as he lifted blocks into the bag.

Joining in what I presumed would be fun, I made what I thought might be crane noises:

"Weeee...weeee...weeeee- thud" I deposited my first block into the bag.

My joy was rudely interrupted by Bubba's squealing:

"Mom, no noise!"

Shocked, I stammered, "You don't want to pretend to be a crane?"

"No mom," he spewed as he hurriedly picked up blocks, "I just want to pretend to be a kid picking up."

I sulked away, and the blocks are nicely stored in the bag...for now.

I guess sometimes kids just want to be kids.

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