Friday, December 8, 2006


While driving around looking at Christmas lights one night, Bubba asked why some people had Christmas lights and some people didn't.

Even though I knew he was looking for the answer "Because some people hang them up and some people don't," I decided to try and be wise and thoughtful:

"People believe different things. Some people don't put out Christmas lights because they don't celebrate Christmas."

"Why mommy?"

"Some people believe in Christmas, some people believe in Hanukkah, some people believe in Kawanza, some people believe in Jesus, some people just believe in the spirit of giving..."

"Why mommy?"

And so it went for the entire car ride until we finally got to the answer he was satisfied with: "Some people think it's too cold to hang Christmas lights."

And so I thought my one-sided discussion on what people believe was unappreciated.

So the next night as we were driving around looking at Christmas lights (yes we drive around a lot at night!), Bubba proves me wrong:

"Mommy, I don't believe in Jesus."
"I don't believe in Jesus, just Santa Claus."
"Honey you can believe in both, you don't have to choose."
"OK. Santa Claus."

I can't wait until he announces this at church.

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