Wednesday, December 13, 2006

IEP Update

The IEP went OK. There were some things I pushed for on which I received resistance, but I had to keep reminding myself about doing what is right for Moosie specifically, not just what is technically the right thing to do in the actual IEP document according to the law.

Those issues will be specifically noted in detail in my follow up letter and I will be watching like a hawk. They are not things I think will hurt Moosie unless something is interpreted terribly wrong...but I'll be watching and ready to take action when needed and I'll have my documentation just in case...

The only time I cried during the meeting is when we discussed his days of services. We agreed to 4 half days a week and it just hit me that my little boy will not be with me 4 half days a week. I'm tearing up just writing it down. I worked full time (not at home) when Bubba made this transition, so this part is so new to me.

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