Monday, December 11, 2006

IEP Hell

Moosie's 1st IEP (Individualized Education Plan) meeting is tomorrow. We've been through a gazillion of these with Bubba and the school district. I've learned to prioritize, tackle what I can, and then request additional meetings to tackle the remaining issues.

For Moosie's initial IEP, my points of contention are to make sure he is in the regular ed preschool, he receives adequate speech/language therapy (including in the classroom), he receives adequate occupational therapy/consult (in the classroom) to address his sensory issues, and he gets ESY (extended school year - I perceive this to be the most resisted item) services. Next on the list is communication in the classroom (between Moosie/Peers/Teacher and Home/Classroom/Therapists!).

Tonight's my IEP planning night but I stayed up until 2AM last night doing some freelance work, so I have eaten into some of my sleep bank!

Tomorrow should be interesting.

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