Monday, December 18, 2006

Cycle Break AGAIN

Ok. We have started yet another cycle break. Didn't we just have one of these?!?! This one's short though...2 weeks mixed with holiday hubbub, so it shouldn't be too bad.

Today started out rather interesting with Bubba falling on his back kicking and screaming every time I placed a demand on his prickly little head...

"Bubba it's time to get dressed." ...kicking and screaming
"Bubba it's time to eat." ...kicking and screaming
"Bubba it's time to go to Disney World." ...kicking and screaming

It seriously didn't matter what I said to him.

Moosie was of course running around like speed baby, doing his "happy dance" every five seconds because he was so happy Bubba was home.

The day turned around, and by late afternoon we accomplished quite a bit... art [me and Moose made a Rudolph puppet and Bubba made a Santa Claus puppet], math [we worked on addition by playing dice games and I'm sure we learned something by playing the War card game?], reading [I tricked Bubba into 'helping' me read a book on Snowplows], and then a little bit of everything by incorporating what we read about with some shaving cream and toy trucks on the kitchen table. We had salt to 'melt' the snow but we had to improvise and use Paprika for the sand to help give the trucks traction.

Then we had dinner...spaghetti, carrots, and garlic bread, which were only partially from a jar/can/bag. Hey, I diced the damn onions and browned the ground beef!

Then off to the library where not even one book was least not one that I'm aware of. Even got Bubba to do one worksheet (leftover homework from last quarter) before we made Magic Cookie bars.

Now the boys are watching a little bit of Thomas the Train before I tackle bedtime, which happens to be right before Daddy gets home from work. To prepare, I'm drinking store-bought eggnog (yes with brandy) in a plastic chewed-up cup with Easter chicks on it. I added a sprinkle of nutmeg to class it up a bit.

All and all a pretty good day I guess.

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